PA908 Two-Way Car Remote Control Security System - Black
PA908 Two-Way Car Remote Control Security System - Black

5cm) 1 x CN8 cable (4-pin / 148cm) 1 x CN9 cable (4-pin / 120cm) 1 x CN11 cable (4-pin / 240cm) 2 x Window stickers 1 x English user manual.5 LCD remote controller (1 x AAA battery included) 1 x Temperature sensor 1 x Remote pager (1 x CR2032 battery included) 1 x Shock sensor 1 x RFID Antenna 1 x Start switch 1 x CN1 cable (6-pin / 64cm) 1 x CN2 cable (8-pin / 85cm) 1 x CN3 cable (6-pin / 151cm) 1 x CN4 cable (20-pin / 302cm) 1 x CN6 cable (6-pin / 242cm) 1 x CN7 cable (2-pin / 6.Brand NA Model PA908 Quantity 1 piece(s) Color Black Function Alarm System Transmit Frequency 433 MHz Quiescent Current Transmit Current 900~1350 mA Speaker Power 20W Siren Current 1200mA Siren Volume 105~125 dB Remote Control Range 1000 m Working Voltage 12V Certification CE Other Features 1 x Auto lock while driving; 1 x Remote code learning; 1 x Locking / arming; 1 x Unlocking / disarming; 1 x Auto lock / unlock; 1 x Remote starting; 1 x auto reservation (default); 1 x Manual reservation (refer main option setting); 1 x Cancel manual vehicle starting reservation; 1 x Remote trunk release; 1 x Turn on backlight; 1 x Check indoor temperature; 1 x Check vehicle battery voltage; 1 x Check remote control battery; 1 x Panic mode; 1 x Panic mode cancellation; 1 x Mute mode; 1 x Driver calling function; 1 x PIN code setting Packing List 1 x Control box 1 x 1

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